Rental service

Enable a new, smarter way to own

Help reduce waste in the world and offer your customers the possibility to enjoy a hassle-free life with Smart Rent. Be it the latest tech gadget or a sustainable energy solution, make the most of it.


Unlock the full potential of each product

Easily integrated turn-key rental service to manage the customer lifecycle from start to finish and reduce waste in the world by opting for a circular business model.



Make use of the full product lifecycle by offering your customers a range of electronics like coffee machines or gaming consoles for a smaller monthly fee without the commitment of buying.

Green energy


Instead of buying, your customers can choose a sustainable way of living with a lower monthly fee for solar panels, a heating system, or an electric car charger.



Offer your customers the flexibility and convenience they deserve on their daily commutes with an optimal monthly fee for scooters and relevant services.

Seamless and instant transactions, no matter where your clients are



Rental service at your customer’s fingertips and entirely integrated into the experience.


Offer rent in mere moments with an ultra-fast rental process right there at your point of sale.


Tailor-made solutions, integrations with online payment solutions and e-commerce platforms.

How to set up our rental service

Contact us

We’ll give you a full overview of our rental service and help set it up for your business.

Agree on terms

Review the terms and conditions and sign the contract to start using our rental service.

Set up with ease

Our rental service will become a natural part of your business flow thanks to easy integration.

Marketing boost

Our marketing pros will support you with both the resources and know-how to elevate your sales.

Start offering Smart Rent. Here’s how it works.

Engage your customers throughout the product lifespan and maximize return on each product by giving it not one, but multiple lifecycles. When one rental period ends, the next begins.

Attract new customers

Capture people's interest in living more sustainably, and empower them to opt for a cleaner world with less waste and a lower monthly fee by renting the latest tech or green energy solutions.

Increase shopping cart

Increase conversion with a quick and easy rental process, and uplift product lifetime value by giving it multiple lifecycles.

Maximize value

Increase customer engagement throughout the lifecycle of each product and improve retention with up-sell and cross-sell capabilities.

Win the second-hand market

Meet the demand for sustainable living while maximizing profit on each device. Refurbish, resell, and rent returned devices out to the rapidly growing second-hand market.

Get marketing support

Level up your business with Inbank marketing. Our dedicated B2B2C marketing team will back you with all the materials and know-how.

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