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We help merchants increase conversion and loyalty with our proprietary credit scoring solution.

Superfast credit approval

Our payment solutions empower customers with high financial confidence, resulting in immediate satisfaction for them and higher conversion for you.

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Hassle-free integration

Integrate and activate our customer-centric financing solutions.

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350,000 new contracts in 2019

Focus on merchant success: Better conversion, Higher cart value, Increase in loyalty.

Become a sales financing partner

Having been an active contender on the sales financing market since 2011, we now work with nearly 2,000 merchants.

Remaining committed to our promise to help our partners sell better, we ensure frictionless purchase journeys for the end consumer.

Our innovative consumer financing solutions incur no additional costs and ensure more value in the form of active loyal customers.

Veronika Allas

Partner Relations Manager

Birgit Listmann

Partner Relations Manager