Inbank has launched the “Estonian Dream Homes” campaign

Last week, Inbank Estonia launched the social media lucky draw campaign “Estonian Dream Homes” with the objective of inspiring people to renovate their homes. Throughout the campaign, Inbank will introduce five different and unique homes during five weeks where the participants will be able to stay overnight if Lady Luck shines on them.

Kristin Pihu, Head of Marketing and Communication of Inbank, offers the idea that every person is able to create a unique home for themselves. “We believe that everyone is able to create just the kind of home they are dreaming of. All five homes that we are introducing during the campaign are very different and we hope that they will serve as a source of inspiration for adding more character to people’s homes,” she added.

The social media campaign will run from 20.06 until 25.07. The dream homes are brought to you by the Inbank renovation loan.

Check out the campaign on our Facebook page.