Small loan

Response to loan application in less than a minute Excellent interest rate - from 12.9% per annum Reliable bank loan from Inbank




6 months
72 months
72 months

Loan purpose

Monthly payment


The calculation is approximate and may differ from the terms and conditions offered to you. Please submit a loan application in order to receive a personal offer.

  • Fill in the loan application.

    Log into Inbank internet bank with ID card or Mobile ID. When you apply for a loan, we will ask you to provide your personal and contact details, and other information required for making a personal loan decision.

    Submit loan application
  • Sign agreement.

    If the loan decision is positive, you can immediately sign the loan agreement with your ID card or Mobile ID. You must also know your PIN2 to give a digital signature. The loan agreement can also be concluded at Inbank branch.

    Sign agreement
  • We will transfer the money to your account.

    We will transfer the loan amount to your account within one working day after the contract has been signed. If you are not a client who has already been identified by Inbank, you need to identify yourself through webcam via Veriff or at an Omniva or Inbank branch in order for your loan agreement to enter into force. You can choose the suitable option before you sign the contract.

Why choose a small loan from Inbank?

  1. The quickest response to loan applications.
    Usually, you will receive the response to your small loan application in less than a minute. We will transfer the money to your account within one working day after the agreement has been signed.
  2. Excellent interest rate.
    Our price list is transparent; you will repay the loan on favourable conditions and you decide how you will use the money.
  3. Collateral is not required.
    We will give you an unsecured small loan of from 300 up to 10,000 euros.


If you have any more questions about the small loan, contact Inbank Customer Service:

The opening hours of Omniva branches differ. Please check the opening hours of your selected Omniva branch in advance.

Please make sure you read the Frequently Asked Questions – the answer to your question may already be there.