Small loan To help turn your ideas into reality.

To help turn your ideas into reality.

300 EUR 10000 EUR
6 months 72 months
Monthly payment

The calculation is approximate and may differ from the conditions offered to you. Please submit a loan application in order to receive a personal offer.

Why choose a small loan from Inbank?

The small loan offered by Inbank is a reliable unsecured bank loan offered by Inbank, which will help you realise the big or small ideas you may have. You choose the purpose for which you’ll use the loan.

affordable small loan interest rate

The interest rate of a small loan is low: from 10.9% per year.

small loan contract

The loan agreement can be conveniently signed online.

small loan decision immediately

You will receive a loan decision immediately and the money will be transferred within a working day.

Applying for a small loan is easy


Fill in the loan application

Use the loan calculator to find the most suitable monthly repayment and fill in the loan application. You will get a response immediately and this does not oblige you to sign the agreement.


Sign the agreement

You can then sign the agreement with your ID card or Mobile ID. A small loan agreement can also be entered into at an Inbank branch.


Identify yourself

The agreement will enter into effect after you have identified yourself via webcam or at a branch of Omniva or Inbank.

We will transfer the money to your account

We will transfer the loan amount to your account within one working day of entry into the agreement.

Terms & Conditions of Small Loan

Amount: 300 - 10,000 euros

Period: 6 - 72 months

Interest rate: 10.9% to 23.9% calculated in loan balance

Agreement fee: 2% of the loan amount, min. 35 euros

Contract administration fee: 2.50 euros per month, which is included in the monthly repayment

The loan amount we can offer you depends on your monthly income and obligations

We can offer you a small loan if:

  • You are at least 21 years old and an Estonian citizen or hold a residence permit
  • Your net monthly income is at least 280 euros
  • You perform your financial obligations appropriately


We have to identify you if you’re a new client of Inbank. You can identify yourself via webcam in Inbank Self Service if you borrow up to 15,000 euros. We cooperate with Veriff, which offers reliable video identification. Video identification requires a computer with an Internet connection and a working webcam, microphone and Chrome, Firefox or Opera web browser.

Physical identification is necessary if you enter into a repeated agreement; you must go to an Omniva or Inbank branch to do that.

The identity documents we accept are the ID card, passport and residence permit of the Republic of Estonia.

We will pay out the loan amount within one working day of signing the agreement and confirming your identity.

Early repayment of the loan

You can repay the small loan to us early at any time either in part or in full, and if you do so, you will not have to pay interest or other fees for the time you did not use the loan. In order to do this, you must submit a written request to Inbank’s customer service indicating the amount to be repaid and the date. We will then inform you of the final amount left to repay. The fee for early termination of the loan agreement is:

  • 0.5% of the amount to be repaid if less than one year is left until the expiry of the agreement at the moment of repayment; or
  • 1% of the amount to be repaid if more than one year is left until the expiry of the agreement at the moment of repayment.

Important information before entering into the contract

Think carefully whether a small loan is a suitable option considering your needs and financial status.

  • Read the terms and conditions of the contract carefully before you sign it and don’t hesitate to ask if you need more information.
  • Think about the risk you can afford to take. Please note that running into payment difficulties may make borrowing more difficult for you in the future.
  • Read about the different financing options offered by Inbank on our website and don’t hesitate to ask our customer service for assistance.
  • After entering into the contract, review the conditions again. This way, you can be sure that you will perform your obligations correctly and at the right time.
  • We will always be a good partner to you. If you would like to change a loan for another product of ours or you run into difficulties with the performance of your obligations, please let us know immediately. This will allow you to avoid additional expenses and litigation.
  • Read our letters carefully and let us know immediately if your contact details change.

Requirements for applicants

All Estonian citizens or residence permit holders who are at least 21 years old, have an excellent credit record and a monthly income of at least 280 euros may apply for a small loan.

In the case of a temporary residence permit, we can enter into the loan agreement until the expiry date of the residence permit.

Inbank only offers loans to private persons. Inbank Liising helps finance the purchase of equipment required for business activities with full service leasing.

You don’t have to change your home bank to take a small loan from Inbank. You can make the monthly repayments of the loan from the current account in your home bank.

Entry into agreement

The interest rate of the small loan is from 10.9% to 23.9% and is calculated on the balance of the loan. The exact interest rate depends on the conditions offered to you personally, which you can review after receiving the loan decision. The term of the loan is 6 months to 6 years. The interest rate is fixed for the entire loan period and is not tied to the Euribor. You can therefore be certain that the monthly repayment will not change.

You can submit your small loan application right here on the Inbank website or at our branch in Tallinn. You must have an ID card or Mobile ID to sign the agreement online. You must know your PIN1 to log in and your PIN2 to sign the agreement. You must present an identity document (ID card, passport or residence permit) to sign the agreement at a branch of the bank. The loan amount is paid out after identification, which can be done at selected Omniva or Inbank branches and via webcam in the internet bank of Inbank when you enter into an agreement for the first time as a new client.

We offer you the following identification options when entering into a loan agreement: Inbank branch, Omniva branches and identification via webcam. See the locations of Inbank and Omniva branches.

First of all, check that you have installed the latest version of the ID card software on your computer, or download the most recent version of the software and restart your computer. You will find a solution to your problem in the ID Card Help Centre or via the ID Card Helpline 1777. If you still cannot sign the agreement digitally, please contact Inbank’s customer service. The agreement can also be signed at the Inbank branch.

After you sign the agreement digitally, it will remain accessible in the internet bank of Inbank as well as in the environment, where you can download it to your computer. You will also find the reference to your agreement in the e-mail message that will be sent to you after you sign the contract. If you still cannot find the agreement, please contact Inbank customer service.

Submission of account statement

Submitting an account statement is usually not necessary for making the loan decision, but we do request an account statement for the last six months in some cases. An account statement may be necessary for applying for a loan if there is no adequate overview of payments into the pension fund. For example, you request a bigger amount in the loan application than the amount of your income on the basis of the payments made to the pension fund would allow you to borrow and if you have additional income not reflected in these payments.

An account statement must be submitted for the last six months until the application submission date and include information about your income and obligations. If you submit an account statement from Swedbank, SEB, LHV, Coop or Luminor, then it must be in a format that is digitally certified by the bank (.bdoc, .asice, .sce). If you submit an account statement from another bank, it must be saved in PDF format and then digitally signed with the DigiDoc programme.

Please also read the guideline on uploading account statements. After saving the statement on your computer, you can upload it on the loan application page. You can also upload the statement later, after logging in the internet bank of Inbank and selecting Loans from the menu. If you cannot upload the statement in the internet bank of Inbank, please e-mail it to

You can use the Inbank small loan as you wish and you don’t have to submit any documents or information to the bank about how you use the money.

Loan response and receipt of money

Usually, you will receive an immediate response to an application submitted on our website or at a branch. You can also sign the loan agreement straight away if the response is positive.

If we cannot give you a loan decision straightaway, we will ask you to submit a digitally certified account statement for the previous six months, after which we will give our response to the loan application within one working day.

We transfer the money to the borrower’s personal Estonian account within one working day of entry into the agreement and identification of the borrower. Depending on your bank, the money will appear in your current account on the same day that we make the payment, or the next day.

We can only pay out the loan to the applicant's personal account in a bank located in Estonia. We cannot pay out the loan amount to a foreign bank account or to another person’s account.

Repayment of the loan

Every month, we will send you an e-invoice, which you will find in the internet bank of your home bank. We will send the invoice to the internet bank of your home bank four to five days before the due date for making the payment to the account to which the loan amount was paid according to your request. We advise you to set up an e-invoice standing order in your home bank to make repaying the loan more convenient. The payments are made to Inbank’s account in SEB or LHV bank.

A payment is deemed to have been made if it was made with the correct reference number, which you will find in your loan agreement or on the e-invoice.

We do not send invoices by e-mail. However, the invoices we have sent are accessible in the internet bank of your home bank.

If the payment was made outside the e-invoice before the arrival of the monthly invoice, an e-invoice for the relevant month may still be send in some cases, but you certainly don’t have to make the same repayment again. You can simply archive the e-invoice.

You can check your loan balance in the internet bank of Inbank under Loans. You can also get information about the loan balance from Inbank’s customer service if necessary.

Yes, you can repay the loan in part or in full before the expiry of the loan agreement. In order to do so, e-mail the request for early repayment of the loan to and indicate the date when you would like to repay the loan. We will then send you the final amount that is still left to pay as of this date. You can find the terms and conditions of early repayment on the Inbank price list.

Yes, it is possible to change the payment date. In order to change the payment date, please send the relevant request to You will find the fee for amendment of the payment date on the Inbank price list.

Yes, it is possible to apply for a grace period if necessary. In order to do so, please e-mail your request to The length of one grace period is up to three months. If you would like to use the option of a grace period for the second time, the loan principal and interest payments for the last three months must not be outstanding. It is possible to have two grace periods during the term of the agreement and for up to six months during the loan period. We will determine the exact length and the terms and conditions of the grace period considering of your requirements and possibilities.

If we haven’t received a repayment by its due date, we text you a reminder that the payment must be made. There are costs associated with late payments, and default interest is calculated on delayed payments. The fees related to late payments are specified in your agreement and the Inbank price list. If the difficulties in repaying the loan are likely to last longer, please contact Inbank as soon as possible, so we can find a flexible solution together.

Irrespective of the reasons for payment difficulties, Inbank always tries to help its clients by offering solutions that are as flexible as possible. This is why you should immediately inform us of any payment difficulties. For example, you can request a grace period or extend the loan period, which will reduce the monthly payments.

Loan is a financial obligation. Before you submit the application, please assess your financial position and think about whether you really need the loan so you can be sure that you are able to repay the loan. You may have to pay default interest and compensate for debt collection expenses if you fail to make payments when due and may make it difficult for you to obtain future loans from Inbank and other financial institutions. Before you decide we recommend you to read the information on the consumer website of the Financial Supervision Authority, the terms and conditions of the loan, credit disclaimer examples and the pre-contractual information.