Terms and conditions

On this page you find information regarding the general terms and conditions of Inbank’s services. We wish to make the terms and conditions of our services as easily understandable as possible. We have included both current as well as former versions of the terms and conditions. If you have any further questions, we are happy to get back to you. Please contact us info@inbank.ee.

Valid terms and conditions

Terms and conditions Valid from
General Conditions20.06.2018
Conditions of the Customer Contract25.05.2018
The Principles of Processing Customer Data25.05.2018
Authorised Processors of Customer Data01.11.2016
Procedure for Resolution of Complaints20.06.2018
Conditions of Use for the Website25.05.2018


Terms and conditions Valid from
Conditions of the Term Deposit Contract25.05.2018
Conditions of the Flexible Deposit Contract25.05.2018
Depositor information sheet31.05.2016


Terms and conditions Valid from
Conditions of the hire-purchase contract25.05.2018
Pre-contractual information on hire-purchase20.06.2018


Terms and conditions Valid from
Conditions of the Loan Agreement28.05.2018
Pre-contractual loan information20.06.2018
Conditions of Registered Security over Movables28.05.2018

Inbank Liising AS

Terms and conditions Valid from
Terms and conditions of the full service leasing contract01.08.2016
Guide for photographing the vehicle (in Estonian)01.08.2016
Guide for determining vehicle's natural and unnatural wear01.08.2016

You can find related legislation referred to in the terms and conditions from Riigi Teataja.