Full service leasing

Companies are at their most efficient when they focus on the things they do better than anything else. The full service operating lease offered by Inbank Liising allows you to commit yourself fully to your main activity, whilst being safe in the knowledge that your property financing solutions are being looked after by professionals.

Why should you prefer leasing?

Inbank Liising is convinced that you should only invest in property the value of which grows over time. An operating lease is a convenient way to acquire all of the other equipment you require for your business activities.

Full service leasing

  • Full service operating lease covers the leasing and insurance of the property as well as advising the client on issues concerning financing.
  • We offer leasing for various property such as IT equipment, medical and industrial equipment, office furniture as well as agricultural, construction, forestry and other machinery and special equipment.
  • Upon expiry of the operating lease, we offer the client the option to buy out the property, return it or extend the lease period.

Terms and conditions of contract

  1. Contract period 1-5 years
  2. Financed amount 800-20,000 euros per contract
  3. Residual value up to 20%
  4. Initial down payment from 0%
  5. Age of property upon expiry of contract period up to 15 years
  6. Monthly lease payment fixed until end of period
  7. All leased property is immediately insured when lease is set up

Contact details

Please contact our customer service if you would like to request a leasing quote or have any questions:

+372 600 8855

We are at your service from 9:00-17:00 on working days.

Our bank account for full service leasing payments: EE111010220254405221

Inbank Liising AS is a company established in 2016 by Inbank AS and Fusion Varahalduse AS. The cooperation between the bank and an experienced leasing company allows us to offer our corporate clients the best financing packages and personal solutions for the acquisition of equipment.