Equipment for your business with a convenient
full service leasing

Full service leasing is the most convenient way to purchase equipment for business purposes. This way, your company can make the best of your equipment, without having obligations regarding insurance, depreciation or realization.

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Why choose Inbank full service leasing?

  • The service covers both leasing and insurance of the property.
  • We offer leasing for various properties such as IT equipment, medical and industrial equipment, furniture as well as agricultural, construction and forestry machinery.
  • The monthly payment is fixed until the end of the period.
  • Upon the end of the contract, we offer the client the option to return the property or to buy the assets out.
  • The properties of different vendors can be conveniently linked to one contract.
  • The cost of maintenance, repair and supplies of the property can be added to the monthly fee.

Terms and conditions of contract

Initial down payment from 0%
Contract period 1-5 years
Financed amount 800 - 30,000 euros per contract
Residual value up to 20%, age of property at the end of contract 15 years

Applying for full service leasing is easy

Choose the suitable property
Fill out the full service leasing application
We will contact you to further discuss the exact terms of the contract
Sign the contract and start using the property


If you have any questions, please contact our leasing managers.
Risto Kriik
Risto Kriik

Leasing Manager
+372 5389 5488

Eneken Mühlberg
Eneken Mühlberg

Leasing Manager
+372 5883 7909

Elviira Azizbajeva
Elviira Azizbajeva

Leasing Manager
+372 5117 815

Kristjan Roosna
Kristjan Roosna

Partner Relations
+372 5344 4759

Rain Amur
Rain Amur

Sales Assistant
+372 600 8855