We have experience in banking

We are establishing a new kind of a bank. Powered by seasoned professionals from the local financial sector. The founders of Inbank are Estonian entrepreneurs Priit Põldoja and Jan Andresoo who both have 20 years of experience in the sector.

We are a team

Many challenges have tempered our skills. Inbank employees acquired their diverse experience and knowledge from Hansabank, the flagship of modern banking in the Baltics. With Inbank, we would like to start a new bright chapter in our professional lives as well as in Estonian banking history. We have joined forces with IT experts who have 10+ years of experience as developers in successful companies like Skype and Playtech. The foundation for this new kind of a bank is built from our banking expertise and FinTech competence.

We have passion for a new kind of a bank

The banking sector of Estonia is ripe for development. We at Inbank would like to take the lead in writing a new chapter that enables a shift in attention from the banks’ comfort zone to the comfort zone of each client.

Inside Inbank

We will never tell lengthy stories to our clients. We will not try to induce people to use all of our different products and services. We do not think that we are the best at everything. Yet we know that the services we have decided to offer are the best ones available at the market. Our goal is to be an invisible aid that brings financial services closer to clients and gives them the power to make the best choices.

We are reestablishing the original purpose of banking. Simply put, Inbank increases your wealth.

Inbank values

Inbank believes in action. We value actions over talk. We are open to new opportunities. This is the only way to realize ideas as technology changes all businesses. We acknowledge that banks are IT companies as much as they are financial institutions.

With our entrepreneurial attitude, we would like to be innovators. We believe that every person can create a startup. It does not have to be an IT-related idea to change the world. It could be a new way of servicing clients. Establishing a startup gives a person the opportunity to do something meaningful, close to his or her heart. The world surrounding us is in constant change, and we would like to be an engine making these changes happen.

Hence, the values of Inbank are innovation, intellectuality, individuality and initiative. We would like everyone to live a meaningful life. We believe in individual ideas rather than in collective thinking. We believe that a team’s success lies in the diversity and multiplicity of ideas.

The roots of Inbank

Inbank grew out of the financial technology company Cofi (established in 2011), which launched an innovative hire-purchase solution. During the period of 2011-2015, Cofi became the market leader in offering hire-purchase services. In collaboration with Coop, we established a new financial services network and won the trust of tens of thousands of customers. Today, Inbank has over 300 partners in the retail sector.

In 2014, Cofi’s technology and marketing competence helped to launch a new loan product in collaboration with Krediidipank. It has become extremely popular among clients.

Our strengths are understanding the needs of people and companies, and the continuous development of our offerings based on FinTech competence. We would like to act fast and be as close to our clients as possible. Today Inbank and its affiliated undertakings have over 150,000 active customer contracts.

The future of Inbank

Within the next couple of years, Inbank will grow to become a serious player in Estonian banking. You do not need to be a universal bank to offer good services and be successful. We believe that excellent banking is product based. In its time, Estonian banking has been innovative, but the world has changed. A client no longer needs to go to a bank; instead, the bank has to be where the client needs financial services. This new way of banking means that a client gets the best product in the location and at the time that is most convenient for him or her.

In addition to Estonia, Inbank wishes to enter to new markets with its existing products as well. We will start gathering deposits from Germany and Austria and will begin consumer financing in the large Polish market.

Offers for partners

We are looking for entrepreneurs with exciting ideas in the areas of financial technology, payments and marketing. We are looking for opportunities to launch new innovative products together with you.

Our successful experience with launching Sihtlaen and Säästukaart Plus serve as great examples to demonstrate that success lies in collaboration. The team of Inbank is open and curious, and we are very aware that we are not alone in wanting to reform banking. If you share our opinion and values, we look forward to your exciting ideas!

Jan Andresoo

Jan Andresoo


Offers for talents

Inbank is seeking personalities to add to its team. Would you like to be a part of our new way of banking? If you are looking for a challenge and have experience in banking or info/ communication technology, please contact us at cv@inbank.ee.

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