Hire-purchase partners

Paying with hire-purchase is easy. Pick the goods, store or e-store and express your wish to pay for the purchase via Inbank’s hire-purchase.

Turn to your selected trader to ask about paying in instalments. Some of our partners:

  • Catwees
  • Amserv
  • etk
  • E-lux
  • Isku
  • Masku
  • Fotoluks
  • Ortodontia hambaravikeskus
  • Bauhof
  • Tehnikastuudio
  • Ekspert
  • Softrend
  • Aiatäht
  • Eesti Ajalehed
  • IM arvutid
  • Kodumasinad
  • MAX digimarket
  • Rademar
  • Mehka
  • Respo
  • M&T shop
  • Common mööbliäri
  • Multon
  • Reginett
  • Poolq
  • Plasto
  • Ehituseabc
  • Topauto
  • Elkeauto
  • Velt motocenter
  • Progear
  • Atfan
  • Wris reisibüroo
  • Klick
  • Autoesindus
  • Furgner mööblipood
  • Home 4 you
  • Kohvikeskus
  • Oot Oot
  • Nikal travel

Add your company to our partners list

Our aim is to work in partnership with traders in order to help them market their products better and to finance their clients in a convenient manner. We want to work side by side with every partner while offering innovative solutions to finance clients.

The hire-purchase system is aimed at companies that want to use their existing brand to provide their clients with the opportunity to use instalments when purchasing high-priced goods. Since instalments make the company’s products and services more available to a wider consumer base, this helps increase the company’s sales.

The logic of the product is simple – you sign a contract of sale with the client and hand contract-related obligations over to Inbank. Inbank will make the credit decision in real time based on the information submitted. Inbank will pay the sum to you as a single payment and collect instalments from the end user. You will not have to worry about the client fulfilling their obligations to Inbank – that becomes our problem. Providing an instalment arrangement for your clients will not involve any additional cost for your company. This means that you can offer added value for your clients completely free of charge.

The instalment product is an effective promotional instrument, but only if used consciously and appropriately. We believe that the successful implementation of the instalment system depends on three aspects:

  1. The process of offering the product has to be made easy for the company’s distribution network and supported by a handy IT solution.
  2. The process of offering the product has to be well thought out.
  3. The product has to be integrated in terms of marketing with what the vendor is offering.

Finding answers to these questions is what our main area of competence and everyday work is all about.

Are you interested in cooperation to offer hire-purchase solutions? Contact us by sending an email to partner@inbank.ee and we can discuss the possibilities.

Attention! This company provides financial services. Before signing a contract we advise you to examine the terms and conditions of the financial services, consult an expert, and look at examples of the annual percentage rate of charge.

Examples of the annual percentage rate of charge, provided that all instalments are paid on time::

The annual percentage rate of charge of the hire-purchase agreement is 24.22% on the following example conditions: sum of the hire-purchase €2000, contract period 48 months, interest rate 11.9% of the purchase price, down payment 0%, contract fee €15, management fee €0.9, monthly instalment €62.85, total cost of credit payable €3016.80. Service provided by Inbank AS..