It is our sincere belief that optimal financing is an integral part of the sales process of all traders. This means that when you go to a store, paying for goods with hire-purchase is just as quick and convenient as making an immediate purchase.

New clients

Are you thinking about getting a new couch or a refrigerator, or about changing your tires? If you find yourself facing these kinds of problems, but do not want pay all that money at once, paying in instalments is the solution. Inbank offers a hire-purchase option suitable for such occasions.

Turn to your selected trader to ask about paying with hire-purchase.

Our partners

We have based our service development on three key words: convenience, transparency and responsibility.

  • Using Inbank to pay for your goods is convenient. It involves a fast and safe purchase process followed by a carefree payment period. Along with the store attendant, everyone is able to find an affordable instalment solution and a suitable payment period.
  • Inbank’s pricing is transparent. No further service charges will be added to the instalment calculated with the trader.
  • We are responsible when it comes to calculating the appropriate instalment sum. If there is any risk that the selected instalment will turn out to be high, we will recommend a more affordable option.

Existing clients

What day is my instalment due? Where is my invoice and what sum do I have to pay? Where do I have to transfer the instalment? – Do these questions sound familiar?

To make sure that all instalments agreed upon in the contract get paid on time, we shall send an e-invoice to your internet bank. In order to pay your instalments automatically, we recommend signing an e-invoice standing order agreement in your home bank.

Order the e-invoice for your hire-purchase contract

However, should it happen that you miss the due date on your instalment payment we will promptly send you a text message with a notification allowing you to react quickly.

Life can be full of unexpected surprises. If you find that your monthly instalment payment has become too burdening be sure to contact us. That way we can work together to find the best possible solution and avoid any further escalation of problems.

Attention! This company provides financial services. Before signing a contract we advise you to examine the terms and conditions of the financial services, consult an expert, and look at examples of the annual percentage rate of charge.

Examples of the annual percentage rate of charge, provided that all instalments are paid on time::

The annual percentage rate of charge of the hire-purchase agreement is 24.22% on the following example conditions: sum of the hire-purchase €2000, contract period 48 months, interest rate 11.9% of the purchase price, down payment 0%, contract fee €15, management fee €0.9, monthly instalment €62.85, total cost of credit payable €3016.80. Service provided by Inbank AS.