Interest rates

Annual interest rates

Period Term deposit Flexible deposit
3 months 0,50% -
6 months 0,75% 0,50%
9 months 1,00% -
12 months 1,75% 0,75%
18 months 1,50% -
24 months 2,00% 1,00%
36 months 2,25% -

Interest rates apply only to deposits, which interest is paid at the end of the deposit period.

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If term deposit interest is paid at the beginning of the deposit period, then the deduction from the interest rate is 0,30%
If term or flexible deposit interest is paid monthly, then the deduction from the interest rate is 0,15%

Interest rates upon automatic prolongation of deposit

Term deposit Flexible deposit
In the case of the automatic prolongation of a deposit, the interest rate as of the date of the beginning of the new deposit period shall be increased by 0,10% N/A

Contributions to and withdrawals from flexible deposit

Maximum deposit amount of flexible deposit Double initial deposit amount
Maximum amount of withdrawals from flexible deposit 50% of initial deposit amountt

The number of contributions and withdrawals is not limited.

Maximum and minimum deposit amounts

Term deposit Flexible deposit
Minimum deposit amount per deposit 500,00 EUR 1 000,00 EUR (minimum initial amount)
Maximum deposit amount per deposit 300 000,00 EUR 25 000,00 EUR (maximum initial amount)
Maximum total amount of deposit amounts per client 300 000,00 EUR*

* Clients may open an unlimited number of deposits, but the total amount of such deposits may not exceed the maximum total amount of deposit amounts per client. In the case of flexible deposits, the maximum deposit amount per client shall comprise the maximum deposit amount of a flexible deposit.

Interest rates of Client Account

Annual interest rate of Client Account 0,00%

All interest rates are indicated in percentages per annum. In calculating interest we proceed from a 360-day year and the actual number of days between the initial and final date of the period of calculation.

Funds in deposits are guaranteed to the extent and pursuant to the procedure set out in the Guarantee Fund Act and the information sheet. Check the depositor information sheet.